Fitzgerald Lawn Cares 5-Step Fertilizer Program

Application 1: Early Spring: This lawn care application promotes early spring green-up and includes pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass. We’ll treat and control any existing weeds.

Application 2: Spring: This weed control application will blanket the entire lawn to substantially improve your lawn’s color density.

Application 3: Early Summer: Summer conditions can stress your lawn. This lawn care application will prepare your lawn for the stressful conditions ahead. We’ll treat and control weeds if present.

Application 4: Late Summer: Our late summer application is designed to maintain color without pushing growth. We’ll treat and control weeds if present.

Application 5: Fall: Our fall application contains a special fertilizer that will promote root growth and food storage which is important for winter survival and fast green-up in spring. We’ll treat and control weeds if present.

If you would like an estimate or have any questions about our 5-Step Fertilizer Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 715.246.3958 or 651.439.4272. We look forward to working with you!

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