Mole & Pocket Gopher Trapping

Moles prefer soft, moist soil and feed primarily on earthworms but will also eat grubs, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, spiders and other insects that venture into their underground tunnels. A 5-ounce mole consumes 45-50 pounds of earthworms and insects per year. As the moles travel, they tunnel underground, uprooting the soil and exposing roots of trees, shrubs, plants and grass. Surface tunnels can be dug at a rate of 18 feet per hour and moles can travel at speeds of 80 feet per minute in existing tunnels. Moles DO NOT hibernate; they travel below the frost line in winter (as do worms).

When you hire Fitzgerald Lawn Care we will send a pest management professional you can trust. No chemicals or baits are placed in your lawn, we only use trapping methods. Trapping is the only way to effectively eliminate the moles. All our traps will be flagged in your lawn, so you know where they are. All trap mechanisms are below the ground, so the traps are of no danger to pets, the wildlife or people. Our season begins in early spring approximately April 15th and ends mid fall around October 15th but vary with seasonal weather conditions. We will monitor your property from spring to fall for any new mole activity and remove any problem moles.

If you see any mole activity in between visits your welcome to let us know. For more information or to schedule call 715-246-3958 or by email at

Season Trapping Pricing
Lawn size up to 1 acre: $395.00
Lawn size 1 to 3 acres: $489.00
Lawn size 3 to 5 acres: $609.00

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